Contour Back Wedge with Massage

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Enjoy the built in massager of a Contour Back Wedge with Massage. These bedding pillows protect the natural curve of your spine and help you relax.

Melt away back tension and fatigue with soothing massage while treating your back to a relaxed, low stress position on the Contour Back Wedge with Massage.  The massage is conveniently and effectively built into the side of the Contour Back Wedge with Massage, which matches the natural curve of your spine for a great fit and superb support.  The wedge flips for use in an upright, seated position to a more relaxed lower angle, providing two positioning options. Plus, you’ll enjoy the plush feel of the soft fleece cover that form-fits to the unique shape of the wedge, enhancing its overall comfort.  Enjoy great back support, a host of health benefits and a relaxing massage all at once with the Contour Back Wedge with Massage.  

Main Features

  • Soft Fleece Cover
  • Built in back massager
  • Matches the natural curve of your spine

Product Code CTBACK

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