Coil Count

In total, the number of Coils that make up the core of an Innerspring Mattress.

No longer should it be believed that the more coils that a mattress has, the more supportive it is.  The way coils are now made are more effective and is a critical factor when it comes to evaluating the support and comfort level of the mattress.  The following information will be your guide to coil counts:

  • On average, anywhere from 250 to 1,000 coils springs can be found in a typical mattress
  • If a thicker gauged coil is used, that may mean the coil count is on the lower side, but the same support will still be offered (see Coil Construction below)
  • Your baseline for coil counts should be as follows, 300 for a full, 375 for a queen and 450 for a king.