If you're considering employment at 1800Mattress, you may have some questions. Let us help! Read on to learn more about our company and all we offer our employees.

Why should I apply?
For over 35 years, 1800Mattress has been dedicated to providing our customers with the fastest delivery service, the lowest prices and the most comfortable mattresses available.

If you are familiar with 1800Mattress (formerly Dial-A-Mattress), you may have heard our famous slogan: Leave off the last 'S' for Savings. For you, the 'S' can stand for 'Success.' A career with 1-800-M-A-T-T-R-E-S spells growth, earning potential, and job security founded on our company's proven staying power and continued expansion.

Expansion, You Say?
Yes! Like most successful companies, 1800Mattress began with a dream and grew from there. Now the largest mattress E-tailer in the country, 1800Mattress receives more than 150,000 visits per week to our e-commerce site. We have also built on our strong history in tele-sales, maintaining a Corporate Call Center that takes in over 3,000 inbound sales calls weekly. We continue to build our company's reputation for impeccable service and customer convenience. Call 1-800-824-777 to speak to our expert sales team and get information on shipping charges and delivery lead times. This, along with our anytime access website, ensures a loyal customer base of consumers who enjoy the convenience of shopping from home.
Sales Hours 7 Days a Week, 7am to midnight EST

What Else Makes 1800Mattress Strong?
The 1800Mattress opportunities extend far beyond the selling of mattresses. We have partnered with some of the largest retailers and hotel chains in the world and handle not only their mattress fulfillment but also deliver their products nationwide.

1800Mattress's extensive delivery network is second to none. It comprises 400 bedding retail partners, more than 300 third party warehouse facilities in addition to our 1800Mattress owned and operated delivery fleet. Our growth and expansion into new territories enables us to continue to offer greater opportunities to our own personnel.

What Kinds of Opportunities?
During your time at, we can offer you the opportunity to grow and develop within your position with the security you can expect from a long-standing company that continues to grow. Aside from job security, we can offer you opportunities for flexible scheduling within our call center, Sales, Management, and various Administrative positions. Relying on our employees for our continued success, we provide them with an incredible support staff, perpetual training, and all the tools necessary to allow them to cash in on their true potential.

How Can I Cash In On My Potential?
As the largest mattress E-tailer, we have the ability to offer the most competitive commissions in the E-tail industry. Our sales force enjoys unlimited earning potential and bonus programs, ensuring they can get out of the job as much as they put in. Many of our Bedding Consultants earn 6 figures per year! To support our thriving business, members of the 1800Mattress sales force have the backing of extensive advertising support that expands every year. With point-of-purchase, print, radio, and web advertising including a strong presence on social networking sites like Facebook, we can reach virtually every potential customer in our market.

How Do I Apply?
As the largest mattress E-tailer in the country, we are proud of the stability we have maintained in our workforce. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your potential future with

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