Mattress Type Descriptions

Mattress Type Descriptions

1. Innerspring - This is the most popular type of mattress. It's constructed with several steel coils that counter various degrees of pressure with equal support. These mattresses are most often layered with foam for added cushioning.

2. Memory Foam (Visco-Elastic Foam) - This is a man-made high-density material that reacts to your body's weight, shape and temperature to provide support while conforming to your body. This material is also anti-microbial.

3. Latex Foam - This material is made with a naturally derived product that comes from the rubber tree. Latex foam is hypoallergenic and conforms to the shape of your body for the best support.

4. Soy Foam - This type of mattress is made from a soy-based foam made up of naturally biodegradable, allergen-resistant materials. This is an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious.


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