What to Know Before You Buy

We provide industry information you won’t find anywhere else. The facts here will help you determine the best mattress for you.

1. The industry standard for a basic orthopedic mattress is 312 coils. (A higher coil count means a higher quality.)

2. Here is a list of the industry standard mattress sizes to keep in mind:




39” x 75”

Twin Extra Long

39” x 80”

Full (Double)

54” x 75”

Full Extra Long

54” x 80”


60” x 80”


76” x 80”

California King

72” x 84”

California Queen

60” x 84”

3. A top of the line mattress with the best support has more than 600 coils (based on a full size mattress made of a heavy gauge wire). You want a high number of coils and a thicker, heavier gauge of steel for firm support and durability.

4. You can tell how thick coils are by observing this rule: the lower the steel gauge number, the thicker the gauge of steel (14 gauge steel is thicker than 15 gauge).

5. Foundations without steel working parts may be less durable than those with them. A quality box spring or foundation supports the mattress to extend the mattress’ life. It’s also important to invest in a matching foundation and mattress not only to extend the life of your mattress but also because many manufacturers will void the warranty if the mattress is used on a box spring that it doesn’t match.

6. You should replace your mattress and box spring at the same time. Many new mattresses are heavier and need the correct support in order to provide durability.

7. King sets always have a split two-piece box spring. You can also get a split box spring for your queen mattress if necessary.

8. Queen and king sets require a frame with a center rail to provide proper support.

9. Support comes from the innerspring unit and the comfort level comes from the type of padding. You can choose from an extra firm, firm or plus cushion feel and still have good firm support. This merely depends on your personal comfort preference.

10. Padding in a mattress is as important as the number of coils. The more layers of padding and the higher quality of that padding, the longer your mattress will keep its shape and firmness.

11. In padding, you should always select richer materials and denser foams for top quality.

12. The quality of the mattress cover, referred to as the ticking, will determine the mattress’ wear and tear, and will also determine how it feels against your skin. The better the quality, the better the feel and the longer it will last.

13. Edge support in the mattress enhances and expands the sleep surface. It also protects the sides of the unit.

14. Do not lift the mattress by its handles if your mattress has cord handles. The mattress handles are designed to help you turn and maneuver the mattress only. Cloth sewn handles can be used to lift the mattress, but always remember to lift carefully.