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dream it’s possible…
to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.


Prior to 1996, the one year survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients was 4%. In that same year, a breast cancer drug was approved for treatment of pancreatic cancer and the one year survival rate increased to 18%. Dr. Von Hoff and his team played a vital role in the beginning development of this drug and its use in pancreatic cancer treatment.

Since 1996, the one year survival rate of 18% has remained the status quo, until now. Dr. Von Hoff and his team are leading a three year clinical trial with the goal of increasing the one year survival rate to 80%. The trial is halfway through and the results show a one year survival rate of over 40%.

The results and the advancement of therapies lead us to one conclusion. We can’t stop now.


Each clinical trial that Dr. Von Hoff and his team conduct costs roughly $1M and has an average of 35-50 participants. With the right amount of financial support, Dr. Von Hoff and the Pancreatic Cancer Research Team (PCRT) will be able to increase the number of trials thus getting us closer to a cure faster. In fact, Dr. Von Hoff believes that by conducting an additional 10 trials a year, a cure can be found in the next 5-10 years.


In Phoenix, Arizona, researchers, physicians, scientists and more are working diligently to identify the next piece in the pancreatic cancer puzzle. With a team of over 65 cancer experts that include radiation oncologists, surgeons, physicians and researchers from 46 institutions globally, Dr. Von Hoff and TGen are making dreams possible.

Aside from vast experience and knowledge, Dr. Von Hoff is unlike most physicians. His passion, genuine empathy, dedication to his patients and love of medicine have helped catapult his research and thus increased hope for thousands of pancreatic cancer patients. Some of the significant advances in cancer treatments Dr. Von Hoff has been a part of include:
  • The development of 10 of the most commonly used cancer medications.
  • Clinical trials resulting in a 52% increase of one-year survivorship
  • Recipient of the David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award in 2010 for his outstanding achievements in cancer research and for his impact on the treatment of patients with cancer
  • Recipient of the Scripps Genomic Medicine Award in March 2011 for his pioneering efforts in spelling out, the DNA of patients with rare cancers
  • Published more than 529 papers, 129 book chapters, and more than 891 abstracts
  • Appointed to President Bush's National Cancer Advisory Board in June 2004 - March 2010
  • Worked with other scientists over the years on more than 200 clinical trials

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