FAQ Product Guidance

1. What is the difference between mattress heights?

Mattress heights are based off of the amount of cushion and comfort levels; generally speaking, the thicker the mattress, the softer the mattress.

2. What is the difference between Pillow Top and Euro Top?

The main difference between a Pillow Top mattress and Euro Top mattress is the construction of the mattress. A Pillow Top mattress has an additional layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress, while a Euro Top has padding that is sewn into the mattress.

3. Do I have to flip my mattress?

Older mattresses required flipping in order to prevent sagging, however with newer models we recommend that you rotate the mattress every 6 months to help avoid sagging.

5. Is a Box Spring required for all mattresses?

No, a box spring is not required for all mattresses. However, we do recommend purchasing a new box spring and bed frame to ensure your mattress has the proper support and to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

6. What is the difference between a Regular Profile and Low Profile Box Spring?

A Regular Profile Box Spring is approximately 9” high. A Low Profile Box Spring is approximately 5” high. Both have the same support, the only difference is whether you prefer your bed higher off the ground.

7. What does the Comfort Scale number mean for each mattress?

Our Comfort Scale ranges from Extra Firm to Extra Plush. The Extra Firm has the hardest feel. The softest is equivalent to Extra Plush. Medium-Firm mattresses fall in the middle. For more information regarding the types of mattresses click here.

8. What is the difference between firm, plush and pillow-top?

The main difference between firm, plush and pillow-top is the comfort level.

  • A Firm mattress would be considered harder compared to the surfaces of other mattresses. If you like a harder feel rather than soft, firm may be your preferred choice.
  • A Plush mattress provides a softer surface comfort; this is the happy medium between firm and pillow top.
  • A Pillow Top mattress provides a combination of comfort and firmness, cradling and supporting your every move with pillow-like softness while you sleep.
9. Is an innerspring mattress better than memory foam?

Innerspring mattresses support you with coil springs. Memory foam mattresses are made of different layers of foam. A traditional spring is more “bouncy” if it doesn't have pocketed coils. With a traditional spring mattress, you are more likely to feel when the other person is moving, while the memory foam has more of a still feel.