Mattress Size Guide

1. Twin Mattress: The perfect bed for one adult or child. Use a twin mattress for small rooms, dorms, vacation homes, etc. This mattress will also fit twin size hi-risers and day beds. Measurements: 39” x 75”

2.Twin Extra Long Mattress: This sized mattress is used mostly in college dorm rooms because it provides extra length for tall individuals. Measurements: 39” x 80”

3. Three Quarter Size: This is the mattress size for antique beds. We carry an assortment of this hard-to-find size. It’s also great for one person looking for a bit more room. Measurements: 48” x 75”

4. Full Size: This is the smallest sized mattress to consider for two people. It’s also very popular for children. Measurements: 54” x 75”

5. Full Extra Long: Provides extra length for taller individuals. Measurements: 54” x 80”

6. Short Queen: Wide enough for two, but 5 inches shorter than a regular queen. Perfect where space is an issue. Measurements: 60″ x 75″

7. Queen Size: The most popular size for two people. This mattress provides a comfortable sleeping area. Measurements: 60” x 80”

8. King Size: The perfect solution for two people. This mattress gives you a lot of room to get comfortable without disturbing your partner. Measurements: 76” x 80” Note* The box spring for this mattress is made in two pieces to allow for easy delivery and assembly.

9. California King: This size offers more length with less width and is the standard king size on the West Coast. Measurements: 72” x 84”