Newborns & New Parents

It's a new parents' rite of passage: The sleepless night. After your new arrival finishes crying for the night (assuming she finishes), after you've fed her, had your spouse sing a lullaby (or two) and changed the baby's diaper, you can go back to sleep. The problem: It's now 4

Parents may want to consider these hints for grabbing a good night's sleep while their newborn makes demands on their time and energy:

1.   Opt for the night shift. Work out a schedule with your partner that allows both of you to rest and take care of your baby's needs. This can guarantee that at least one of you will get some sleep and that both of you will share child-caring chores.

2.   Take a cue from baby. While you feel compelled to finish folding laundry while the baby is safely asleep, chances are you'll get more done if you're well rested. If your baby can nap freely, you can too! 

3.   Check your bedding. You may think that your mattress is comfortable enough, but you may need a new one   with all the changes in your life. Read the following: Top 10 Must-Haves for New Mattresses.

4.   Check your baby's bedding. That new crib your parents gave you may not have a mattress that supports the baby comfortably.

5.   Treat comfort as a necessity, not a luxury. This is going to be one of the most challenging stages in being a parent. You need to look after your own health. Besides making sure you have good bedding, be certain that nothing in your bedroom interferes with your sleep. Keep the T.V. off, mute the hall light if you're keeping it on for baby and check the temperature in your bedroom. You and your partner deserve the same care that you give to your baby.