Protect Your Investment

Congratulations. You are on your way to a Great Night’s Sleep! We want to help you protect your investment by providing some important guidelines to follow when caring for your new bed set.

• Proof of Purchase
It is imperative that you keep your receipt – this will be required to file a warranty service claim.

• Mattress Law Tag
This law tag can be removed only by the consumer. However, our suggestion is for you to keep it with your receipt. This is required for any warranty inquiries. The law tag provides information on the product such as date made and model details.

• Warranty Card
Review and keep the manufacturer’s warranty card that comes attached to your new mattress and box spring. This contains important information about your warranty. If you did not receive the warranty card with your product, please immediately contact customer service at 866-942-3551 (Hours: M – F 8 am – 4 pm Central) or

• Keep Your Mattress Clean
The best way keep your mattress clean is to use a mattress protector. Every mattress needs protection from allergens, irritants, liquids and stains; protection that a typical mattress cover may not provide. The Protect-A- Bed® mattress protector will provide this protection, keep your mattress clean and promote excellent hygiene. In compliance with strict national and state bedding laws, and as detailed in the manufacturer’s warranty, Mattress Firm is unable to warranty or exchange, including the 90 Day Comfort Guarantee, a mattress that is stained or unsanitary.

• Bed Frame Support
The frame is an important part for the performance of your new bedding. Check the manufacturer’s warranty card about the correct support needed for your new bed set. Queen and King sizes require a center support with legs touching the ground.

• Box Spring/Foundation Support
It is recommended that you replace the box spring/foundation when purchasing a new mattress in order to provide the proper support. A properly supported mattress will give you even more years of use and comfort. The mattress and box spring/foundation work together, acting as a unified shock absorber. Manufacturer warranties require a matching mattress and box spring/foundation. Also for your safety it is imperative to have the matching mattress and box spring/foundation to be Fire Retardant Complaint.

• Rotation Schedule
It is recommended that you rotate your mattress occasionally, to increase its comfort life and longevity. However, the option to rotate your mattress is not required for your warranty to remain valid.

• Care in Moving & Storage
When moving a mattress it is extremely important that you cover the mattress with plastic prior to moving and make sure the mattress is not bent or contorted in the process. It is recommended that you carry your mattress upright on its side. It is easier to handle and less likely to damage the mattress. If you need to store your mattress for an extended period, it is recommended to store it flat.