6 Steps for Choosing the Right Mattress

There’s the amateur’s way, then there’s the professional’s way. Let us help you discover your perfect mattress with our six-step process to choosing the right mattress.

These steps are designed by bedding experts to determine the right support and comfort for your specific sleep needs.

1. Choose your size: Mattresses and sets come in these basic sizes: twin, full, queen, king, or California king. There are several other sizes that may be available, depending on your delivery area, such as three quarter and twin extra long.

2. Choose your comfort level: Every mattress we offer will provide good back support. What will vary however, is the level of comfort. In order to determine your comfort level, use this scale of 1-10.

    9-10: Ultra Plus - This feels like you're sleeping on a cloud.
    7-8: Pillow Top - This feels like you're sleeping on a stack of Pillows
    5-6: Plush - This feels like you're sleeping on a stack of comforters
    3-4: Cushion Firm - This feels like you're sleeping on a grassy lawn
    1-2: Firm - This feels like you're sleeping on a carpeted floor

3. Keep your height and weight in mind: When buying a mattress it's important to consider whether you are of average height and weight because this will influence how you experience the comfort level of your mattress. People with larger frames find that mattresses feel softer than smaller framed individuals.

4. If you suffer from back pain: Check with your doctor for recommendations. We carry brands endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association and recommended by orthopedists.

5. Consider whether you sleep on your side: The position you sleep in can influence how firm a mattress may feel. People who sleep on their sides tend to prefer mattresses with more cushioning, while those who sleep on their backs prefer firmer mattresses.

6. Determine your price range: It's important to invest in the best quality mattress you can afford. In order to be at your best everyday you not only need the right amount of sleep but also the best quality of sleep you can get.

Once you've determined your needs and preferences you are ready to purchase your mattress.

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