What to expect with your new mattress

What to expect with your new mattress

Q: How will I sleep on my new mattress?

A: many people will sleep great right away on their new mattress set. However, depending on the bed you were sleeping on previously you very well may experience some short-term discomfort until your body is used to your new and supportive mattress. Research shows this can take up to 90 days although it usually happens much sooner.

Q: Do new mattresses have a smell to them?

A: Yes, just like when purchasing a new vehicle your mattress will have a certain “new bed smell” to it. This is absolutely harmless and is a function of having a new mattress made from all new components. This will dissipate pretty quickly (one week or so) and there are things you can do to speed up that process (open a window, etc.)

Q: Are depressions in a new mattress considered normal?

A: Absolutely. Indentations where you sleep (known as comfort impressions) are almost certain to happen with a brand new mattress. This is not, in any way, a defect. This can be especially evident in king mattress sets with couples as no one typically sleeps in the middle of the bed (you may notice a ridge down the middle). To even this out (and soften the area to match your sleeping area) you can try sleeping or napping in areas where there is no comfort impression or even using hands and knees to soften the area. Additionally, you should rotate the mattress regularly to insure that it conforms evenly on both sides.

Q: Why are mattresses single sided?

A: Through extensive research manufacturers have proven that no-slip (or single-sided mattresses) are much less susceptible to defects and sagging. These mattresses are engineered to work perfectly without flipping them. However, rotating your mattress regularly is highly recommended and will help with the feel and longevity of your new mattress.

Q: What do I need to do to insure that my warranty stays valid?

A: To keep your warranty valid here are some key things you will need to do:
• Prevent any and all stains or marks. It is highly recommended that you cover your mattress with a waterproof/dust mite proof cover. Any stains or spots will void any mattress warranty.
• A new mattress must be properly supported by a matching box spring, platform bed or adjustable base as well as a proper supportive frame. Any frame used for a queen, king or California king needs to also have a center-support bar.
• Keep your receipt! It is imperative that you keep your receipt – this will be required to file a warranty request claim.
• You know that tag that says “do not remove” on any mattress? Leave that attached as it provides critical warranty information back to the manufacturer.
• Care in moving. When moving a mattress it is extremely important that you cover the mattress with plastic prior to moving and make sure the mattress is not bent or contorted in the process.